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Minutes 12/05/03
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DET/CHE Membership Meeting

Directors of Educational Technology/California Higher Education


MINUTES for December 5, 2003

Long Beach, California







President Brian Duggan called the meeting to order at 10:52 a.m. There were 21 members in attendance.


Russ Bowden made a correction regarding Video IP. Minutes of December 5, 2002 meeting in San Jose were approved.

Officerís Reports

President: Brian Duggan thanked all of the officers for their hard work this past year. He stated that different levels of corporate sponsorship have worked well and good feedback has been received from the corporate sponsors.


Executive Director: Bob Romanelli thanked David Grannis for his work on the new DET/CHE web site.



Membership needs to actively recruit new members.


Secretary: No report.


Treasurer: In the absence of Susan Corum, Bob Romanelli gave the treasurerís report. He noted that there will be a profit from this conference, but wonít know the final figure until all the bills are paid.

Brian thanked outgoing officers, Glen Campbell and Mary Anne Teed, for their service.






Send suggestions for changes/additions to David Grannis at or to Bob Romanelli at


Send suggestions for new members to Bob, and he will send out literature on the organization.



The treasurerís report was approved as presented. A second treasurerís report will be generated in January.



Old Business

The service agreement for Bob Romanelli was passed by the Board on December 2, 2003.


The membership cycle will remain July 1 ñ June 30 each year.

Information only.




New Business

The election of new officers was completed via email to the membership.



An amendment to the by-laws was proposed as follows: ìIt is proposed that the wording in Article IV, Section 5 under the duties of the President and Vice President be changed accordingly:

  1. The President shall: (1) preside at all meetings of DET/CHE, including meetings of the board of Directors, and (2) function as the chief administrative officer of DET/CHE, (3) appoint all committees as specified within these by-laws.
  2. The Vice President / President-Elect shall: (1) assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President, (2) chair the Program Committee for the annual conference.î


Howard Story suggested that the membership meeting be moved to an earlier time slot in the conference.


A suggestion was made to give corporate sponsors some time during next yearís conference to talk about their products.


Marlene deLeon announced that this yearís conference will show a profit.




Discussion was held about having regional meetings in the Spring.


Conference sites were announced.

List of the new 2004 Board is attached. For an in-depth listing, see



Amendment was approved as presented.
























Henry Burnett will take under advisement for next yearís conference.



The Board will take under advisement.





Marlene is looking into a possible sponsorship by the Pauma and Pala Indian tribes as they have been very generous to her college in the past.


The Board will take under advisement.



Berkeley will be the site of the 2004 conference. The Mission Inn in Riverside is a possibility for the DET/CHE 20th anniversary conference in 2005.


Meeting adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

Information only.


Respectfully submitted,


Kerry Stern





Directors of Educational Technology/California Higher Education


Board of Directors




President:                                            Marlene deLeon                       Term Expires = December 2004


President-Elect:                                    Henry J. Burnett                       Term Expires = December 2004


Secretary:                                            Kerry Stern                               Term Expires = December 2004


Treasurer:                                            Susan L. Corum                       Term Expires = December 2020


Northern Regional Director:                  Jay Field                                  Term Expires = December 2005


Northern Regional Director:                  Chris Laxton                             Term Expires = December 2005


Southern Regional Director:                 Art Battson                               Term Expires = December 2005


Southern Regional Director:                 David Grannis                          Term Expires = December 2004


Private Colleges Director at Large:       James E. Graham                    Term Expires = December 2004


Immediate Past-President:                   Brian Duggan                           Term Expires = December 2004