Member Benefits

Annual and Regional Conferences

The topics listed below are regularly presented at DET/CHE conferences.

  • New Technologies
  • Professional Ethics
  • Interactive Programs/Materials
  • Copyright Issues
  • Higher Education Collection Management
  • Applied Media Research
  • The Changing Role of Media
  • Networking with Colleagues
  • Site Visits to Industry/College Media-related Centers
  • Distance Learning in Higher Education
  • Media Center's Role in Higher Education
  • Budget Management
  • Instructional Facilities Planning and Maintenance
  • Instructional Video/Film Production
  • Faculty Training/Workstations

Site Visits / Facilities Tours

  • New Media Centers
  • Instructional Television Network and Distance Learning Facilities
  • Instructional Learning Centers
  • Supercomputer Facilities
  • Advanced Technology Centers
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Video Conferencing Site

World Wide Web Services

Networking with peers has taken on a new dimension with DET/CHE's World Wide Web site, which includes:

  • Membership Directory
  • Membership Form Online
  • News
  • Library of articles and references
  • Conference Information
  • Related Web Servers
  • By-Laws/Membership Information